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Reviews > Tad W.

Posted 345 days ago

Confirmed Sales Customer

I previously owned a 2012 golf TDI manual....

Temecula, CA

I previously owned a 2012 golf TDI manual. I was recently in a rollover accident where a car hit me and my car spun hit a curb and rolled over three times. I walked away from the accident with only some bruised ribs. After seeing how well the car protected me I went From the hospital to the dealership and purchased a 2015 Golf TDI manual.

Response from Volkswagen of Murrieta

Good Morning Tad,

We received your survey, and first I would like to say we are so happy to hear your are ok from your accident! That must have been real scarey rolling over that many times. We are also so excited to hear how well the Golf TDI protected you from  severe injuries. Enjoy your new car and be safe! Thank you again for taking the time to let us know how you are doing!


Thank you,

VW of Murrieta


Aug 19, 2014 
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