The Volkswagen Electric Concepts are Stunning and Exciting

When you're interested in some of the most exciting and innovating models on the market, you can look towards the electric concepts from Volkswagen. These designs will be among the most exciting that you could find, and our experts will be able to show you what each of them can offer. There are currently two Volkswagen electric concepts announced - the ID.BUZZ and the ID.4 - and we want to give you a closer look at each so that you can feel just as excited as we are about them.

* Prototype vehicles shown. Not yet available for sale. Specifications may change.

A Familiar Face with an All-New Powertrain: the VW ID.BUZZ

Many drivers know that Volkswagen used to manufacture a Microbus: an elongated model that had plenty of interior space and a unique identity. This design is making a comeback in the electric market with the ID.BUZZ. The exterior design is very clearly inspired by the VW Microbus and offers an impressive array of capabilities. With a two-tone V-nose grille and rectangular windows, it is one of the most unique models that are coming to market.

The cabin is currently set to be one of the most versatile that you will find. Each seat can fold, spin, and move along a track so that you can tailor the interior to be perfect for any occasion. The ID.BUZZ concept will be the premier choice for anyone who likes to take road trips or has an adventure of any length planned. Along with a spacious interior, you'll be getting a front trunk to pack even more gear without cramping your cabin.

An electric powertrain gives the Volkswagen ID.BUZZ up to 369 horsepower to keep you entertained whenever you are in the driver's seat. There will be a variety of charging options to keep you on the road with minimal interruptions, even capable of charging up to 80-percent of its battery capacity in as little as 30 minutes.

An Electric Compact SUV that Could Grace Your Driveway: The Volkswagen ID.4

Based off a previous concept that Volkswagen had, the ID.4 is a compact SUV that is designed with sophistication at every step. The interior has an open-space concept to give the cabin a more spacious feeling while the innovative tech allows you to use voice controls or touch pads for nearly any command.

The ID.4 has an aerodynamic design to minimize wind resistance and to help provide the most efficient and exciting performance as possible. With an expected range of more than 250 miles, this is an SUV that will be right for any vacation or commute. At launch, rear-wheel drive will be equipped but there is a plan to eventually offer a two-motor variation of all-wheel drive to help you have the best traction through any harsh conditions or terrain.

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