Misconceptions About Electric Vehicles

Common Myths

Electric Vehicles are not powerful

This is one of the most common things we hear, but electric vehicles offer an exhilarating performance. Battery power goes directly to the wheels in an electric vehicle, giving it nearly instant acceleration after pressing down on the pedal. An electric Volkswagen ensures you can pass other drivers and enjoy every minute you are in the driver's seat. All-wheel drive electric vehicles add a second motor for better traction and more power thanks to a second motor attached.

The design of electric vehicles is boring

Volkswagen's electric vehicles are designed to be sleek and elegant. The sleek design makes them models you will love to see in your driveway and helps make them more aerodynamic to improve their performance and efficiency. Feel free to reach out to our team to learn more about the exciting design options that electric vehicles have.

Other Myths

Electric Vehicles are only designed to be utilitarian

Electric vehicles are designed to meet all the needs of your life. They are a great option for any commute or errand but are also perfect for a weekend getaway, road trip, or Sunday drive. Electric vehicles provide the utility of impressive fuel efficiency, innovation with advanced technology, and excitement with instant acceleration. You will even find expansive glass roofs, premium materials across the seats, and much more to help you appreciate the time that you spend inside an electric vehicle.

It's hard to charge an electric vehicle on the road

Networks of charging stations are growing across the country, making it easier than ever before to find somewhere you need to charge. The impressive efficiency gives each electric vehicle a long range, making sure only the longest drives will need you to stop midway. We can help you find many at-home charging options, and a variety of fast-charging stations will help you get from 5% to 80% in as low as 38 minutes. We can help you find charging stations across the country with a variety of available apps, keeping you confident on any route you take.

The Truth About Electric Vehicles

It will be hard to get an electric vehicle fixed

Many people find it surprising that it's easy to get your electric vehicle fixed. There aren't as many components that need maintenance when you choose an electric vehicle, which means you can avoid things like oil changes. You can choose our expert team to take care of any services your electric vehicle might need.

The price of electric vehicles makes them difficult to get

This might have been true a long time ago, but electric vehicles have become more competitively priced. Being in the same price range as many of their gas-powered competitors, electric vehicles ensure you can get the most enjoyment during your time of ownership. You'll also be able to see savings without needing to go to the fuel pump.

Learn More About the Volkswagen Electric Vehicles by Contacting Our Team

Feel free to reach out to our team with any questions you have about electric vehicles. Our team wants to schedule you for a test drive in the Volkswagen ID.4 and other upcoming electric vehicles so that you can see which will be right for your lifestyle.